Monday, 14 July 2008

The muslim Community in the Basque Country

The muslim Community was born in the Basque Country in the 70s and the 80s. The Mosque Badr was created in Bilbao in 1985. But the great development of our Community starts since 1995-2000.
In 2008 we are about 40000 muslims living in the called Autonomous Community of Basqueland. We are about 1% of the Basque population (2,2 millions). About 10000 muslims live in Navarre. There is a muslim Community in the french Pays Basque, with a mosque in Bayonne.
In the Bilbao area we are about 6000-10000. Here since 2005 we celebrate the Aid al Fitr and the Aid al Adha in La Casilla public sport centre. And since recently Bilbao muslims have, al hamdu lillah, the first islamic cemitery in Basqueland, located in Derio.

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